By: Adam

Introduction to GravityThis is a good site for a quick introduction to the force of gravity, since understanding gravity is key to understanding antigravity:

Antigravity, The Unierse, At Home in the Cosmos - There are many diffrent theories on how to create an antigravity effect. One way to do this is to use roatating magnets. Rotating magnets create stronger magnetic fields than magnets standing still. A rotating magnet on top of another magnet will float upwards in the air, like in the video shown below.
This effect uses a base magnet, and a spinning top magnet. The top can levitave around 5 minutes when adjusted correctly, since there are 3 legs you can adjust at the bottom. I posses one of these devices, and they can be quite finicky. - This is a link to a guide on the physics of the levitron. Astronomers have also descovered a type of "antigravity" in the universe, that the say is expanding the universe, since the force of gravity is not powerful enough to hold the universe together.

Levitron Experiment

In an experiment with my levitron, I wold like to see how air affects the top. Once I get the top stabilized, I wil blow on it in either direction to see how the top is affected. I belive that when the air is blown so it is against the rotation, the top will go out of its stable spinning speed, and will fall. If the air is blow in the direction the top is rotating, the top will stabilize more. I was not fully able to do this, becuase the magnets were not aligned right.

Superfluids, the video is presented below - Superfluids posses weird physical properties. Helium is a great example of a superfluid, when the tempature of the helium reachs absolute zero, the helium turns into a superfuid, and has a viscocity of zero, and is able to conduct heat very well. No viscosity means the fluid when put in a beaker will travel up the walls, around the outside, and drip on the bottom.

Super fluids also can be found in objects like neutron stars, which are te rementants of stars that go supernova. The video below explains this phenomanon.

Gravity Waves - - Gravity waves are created in nature, by our atmoshphere. To create one, air must be forced into stable air, instead of unstable air, becuase air will continue to rise in unstable air, and it will sink in stable air. The sinking air will then try to go back to its equlibrum point, but it will overshoot it do to momentum. This wil cause a gravity wave, becuase in a gravity wave the air will try to remain in the same spot, and not sink or float. This will not happen to the air, beuase everytime it will overshoot the equiliberum point. This causes a gravity wave which is a wave moving through the atmosphere. Gravity waves can strengthen storm systems, and cause tornados.

Dark Matter and Dark Energy - Dark energy may be the key to understanding why the universe is expanding faster, instead of stading still our contracting. Einstein has a theory about gravity that most likely explains what dark energy is, but scientists are not completely sure. Einstein though that empty space was not truely empty, it contained a type of energy that would not dilute, since the energy is part of space itself. More of this energy would come as more space came into exsistence, and this energy would speed up te expension of space. This is the most probable theroy, out there are others. Dark matter occupies around 25% of the space in our universe, and dark energy occupies 70%. Scientists know alot about what dark matter is not, but not much about what it is. Dark matter is not antimatter, becuase it does not produce any gamma rays like anti matter does, we also know it is not black holes, becuase black holes create gravity lenses, something we see with a black holes high matter concentration. Scientists think dark matter could be a more exotic form of matter like WIMPS, which are weakly interacting massive particles.