Roller Coaster Magic


Mechanical Energy:

Mechanical Energy is the sum of the kinetic and potential energy in an object. In our rollercoster, there was a lot of mechanical energy used. At the top of the rollercoster, the car had the most potential energy, becuase it was at the highest point on the rollercoster. This makes it have a large amount of graitational potential energy. At the bottom of the first dip, right before the loop, the car has the most kinetic energy, becuase it just was forced down the ramp by gravity, converting a large amount of its potential energy into kinetic energy. When the car had finished its jorney through the roller coster, it had a very low amount of kinetic and potetial energy. This is so becuase by the time the roller coster got to the end of its ride, it had converted all of its kinetic energy into sound energy, and thermal energy. The car also had a low amount of potential energy, becuase it was at a very low position on the track, which caused the car's gravitational potential energy to be very low.

Why it Didn't Work:

This roller coaster did not work, because we did not have enough potential energy to get the car all the way around. At the top of the hill most of the car's potential energy was converted into kinetic energy. This was not enough kinetic energy even when the car went all the way through the loop, to get the car back to the chain. This is why the roller coaster did not completely work.