Engine: An engine is a machine used for converting thermal energy into mechanical energy or power to produce force and motion..

Internal Combustion Engines:
  • Burns fuel on the inside of the engine
  • Compress air
  • Temperature rises due to the combustion
  • Lets out exhaust

Most Common Internal Engines:
  • Gasoline piston engine used in passenger automobiles
  • Out-board engines in motor boats
  • Small units for lawn mowers
  • Diesel engines- truck and tractors

Car engine:
  • A car engine is an internal combustion engine
  • The combustion takes place on the inside of the engine
  • The engine converts the gasoline into motion, which is easiest on the inside of the engine
Diesel Engine:
  • A diesel engine is another example of an internal combustion engine
  • Rudolf Diesel was the inventor
  • Has a higher efficiency level
  • We don't use diesel engines anymore because of the heavy cargo cars that use it and because of the black fumes that come out of the diesel engines
Gas turbine engines:
  • Turbofan engines that are used in airplanes are one example
  • Pressurized gas spins the turbine
  • First internal engine was created in 1876
  • Sir Dougal Clerk developed a two stroke engine in 1878

Summary of our experiment:
Although our engine didn't work we were able to have the experience of building a stirling engine. It was supposed to rotate the fly wheel and he crank, which would move the steel wool up and down, but instead it just heated up and did not do anything. The bending of the wire was our first problem because we did not know how to bend it exactly. Also, the steel wool inside the can probably wasn't able to move up and down becasue we made it too wide. Our balloon also had some technical difficulties because it kept ripping and sliding up the can along with the wire which was supposed to be in place securely. If we were able to preceed with this project again then we would be sure to make everything to exact dimensions.

Websites the helped us:
This was the fly wheel
The middle loop was the crank that was suppossed to spin
The steel wool was placed inside the can

We had to deflat the balloon
The can became burnt
Our stirling engine