people been useing water power since about 4,000 years ago. Most of the falling water was used to grind up flour. Up till the 19th centurny all mechine were powered by water. then there swoped over to steam engine because it was cheaper. 10% of the U.S.A electricity is from water. Depending on the state is ues more. Like Washington has many mountain so 80% of it electrity is water. But, Florida is a flat so only 5% of its electrity is comes from water.

We need to find another resoucre fast because oil is running out and the climate is changeing

Pro and cons

  • Free and endless supply

  • No need to drill or dig into the ground
  • Miniamal air pollution

  • problem many outweigh the benefits
  • can only be part of energy resoucre
  • blocks animal movement
  • changing the flow of water
  • lager dam can effect downtown industries
  • targeted during conflict

Hydropower works because water is always going through the water cycle so it is always geting more energy + it is always moveing