The Study of Plants
By Caitlin
  • Scientists who study plants are called botanists.
  • There are more than 350,000 different types of plants on Earth.
  • The basic study of botany includes:
    • understanding the root system
    • why the roots are important
  • botanical terms:
    • parts of a plant
    • parts of a flower
    • parts of a leaf
    • different types of flowers
    • seeds

How does botany relate to physical science?
  • plants use photosynthesis to translate light energy into chemical energy
  • light energy is absorbed from the Sun and produced into sugar the plant needs to survive
  • chlorophyll (pigment in green plants that absorbs solar energy) assists in photosynthesis as well
  • chlorophyll also gives the plant its green color


Diagram of a Flower

Diagram of a Leaf

Lights Out Lab

  • house plant
  • black construction paper
  • scissors
  • tape


Question: What will happen to a leaf it its deprived of sunlight?

Hypothesis: The coloration of the leaf will go from green to pale and it will have a brittle texture.

  1. Cover one leaf with black construction paper by taping two pieces of construction paper togethor with the leaf in between.
  2. Once a day for two to three weeks, uncover the leaf and make observations of its complexion and texture.
  3. Record all observations.
A) IMG_2798.JPGB) IMG_2796.JPG C)IMG_2799.JPG

NOTE: Be sure that when observing the leaf, you move away from any natural sources of light and are quick and concise with your observations.