• plasma screen TVs are actually using plasma in their screens which is why they sometimes buzz and interfere with am radio
  • by far the most common state of matter
  • electrically conductive because it does not bond to atoms or ions
  • can be made by heating and ionizing a gas
  • the sun is plasma because the hydrogen and helium are so hot they turn to plasma
  • a leader of a lightning bolt, which is , can travel at 140,000 mph
  • can contain up to one billon volts of lightning
  • because of rain, snow, or ice colliding in the lower part of the cloud the cloud is charged negatively and earth is charged positive basically making a giant spark between them
  • something called a step ladder, when talking about lightning is literly a step like increments of negative charge down to earth
  • each increment is approximately 150 feet long
  • a type of lightning called ball lightning is a small, charged sphere that floats, glows, and bounces along oblivious to the laws of gravity or physics, still puzzles scientists
  • thunder is caused because the heat from the lightning vibrates the air making you hear thunder after lightning or without lightning thunder can come from fronts colliding
  • all in all lightning is plasma because the air around it, which is a gas, changes to plasma from heat and electricity
  • caused by solar wind hitting magnetic field
  • reason north and south is because that is the only opening in the magnetic field
  • comes in waves giving it a shockwave shape,r:1,s:0&tx=57&ty=24,r:0,s:0&tx=41&ty=39